Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have decided to skip 2004 because it was just a bunch of RandB rap garbage that I don't have any particular memories connected with.

Candy Shop: My sister's sociopath bastard of a now ex-boyfriend and our new neighbour's nine year old daughter were over. We were watching Much Music when I saw the video for this song for the first time. The boyfriend was teasing the daughter about what this song was about.

Hollaback Girl: I was in the studios of CJLX, the Loyalist College radio station, doing a shift. The music director at the time, Tim Hodge, came in the studio. He and my producer were discussing this song and the video for it. Tim said the video was entertaining "because it's so not good."

Gold Digger: I used to love to listen to a show CBC had on in 2005/2006 called "The National Playlist." The show was a top ten countdown composed half of songs from the previous week voted on by the listeners and half new songs chosen by "expert panelists." One of the panelists picked this song one week.

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