Wednesday, November 2, 2011


What A Girl Wants: My sister really liked this song.

I was in Grade 11. We were watching some award show on Much Music in the living room of Senior Residence. Kristena Aguilera came on and performed this song. One of my classmates started talking about how hot she was. One of the counsellors replied, "If you saw what she looked like first thing in the morning you'd cut your right arm off to get away from her." The classmate replied, "I'd give her my right arm."

I Knew I Loved You: How the buck can you know you loved someone before you met them?

Amazed: In April 2000, my transportation was changed again from a taxi to a van supplied by a bus company in Madoc. The driver, as well as the driver of the taxi, listened to 820 CHAM sometimes, which I actually liked because the announcers were entertaining and they played classic country songs to balance out the new garbage. 820 CHAM played this song a lot.

Maria Maria: I remember hearing this song on Saturday afternoons when I was bored and flipping through the stations on the radio.

The funny thing is just a few months earlier the students from the advanced English classes at the W. Ross Macdonald School had gone to see "West Side Story" at the Stratford Festival.

Bent: I have a cd copy of "Mad Season." It sucks.

It's Gonna Be Me: My sister had the cassette of "No Strings Attached." It sucks.

Music: I can remember sitting in the van to and from school hearing this song on CHFI.

Maclean's gave this album a great review, praising the "techno ... and otherworldly beats." I thought, "Oh please. It's just the same pop Madonna always produces."

With Arms Wide Open: There was some discussion in school as to whether Creed were a Christian band or not.

We had a dance in November 2000 when I was in Grade 12. They played this song, of course. When I got back to residence, the basement of Senior Residence this time, my roommate said he had to leave when they played that song because he was going to become a father. I had heard him talking about this on the phone the previous Sunday night.

Independent Women Part I: I went to see "Charlie's Angels" with some other kids from residence.

As I recall, Brian D. Johnson gave this movie a good review in Maclean's.

In fact, starting with "Charlie's Angels", I saw four movies in a row on four consecutive Thursdays: Charlie's Angels, Family Man, Unbreakable, and The Grinch.

I look back on those times of going to the movies with fond memories.

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