Friday, October 14, 2011


Hi all,
Received the following email from our friend Bert Bowers this morning. Seems he's trying to stack the odds by stuffing the ballot box on some contest that his son Matt's band ("The Dirty Names") is involved in.
Please go to the following website and vote for the Dirty Names! Yeah!


Now somewhere way back in my own family history, sometime in the late 1800's there lurks a story about a distant relative (family name of Ross) who was killed 'defending the polls' at an election in the city of Troy down in New York state. Apparently there was a tradition at that time of buying people whiskey (Irish or Scotch, one would hope....) and urging them out to vote for the one who purchased the booze. The preferred style of voting being 'early and often'.
Having reflected on how little my distant relative benefited from -- what was always represented to us when we were children as -- his staunch and upright integrity, although it may well simply have been a case of drinking the wrong man's whiskey (or even of refusing to drink whiskey at all....!!) and taking into account 'hanging chads' and other bizarre electoral antics of more recent times, I am forwarding Bert's request to you all.
Who knows, maybe there'll be whiskey!
See you Sunday.

Oh come on, people. At least check them out first. Click the link in the title to go to one of The Dirty Names' music videos on YouTube.

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