Thursday, October 20, 2011


By M. Faegere. Minneapolis, MN: University Of Minnisota Press, 1958.

Health Care, Including Development And Diet: Why do the authors say milk should be boiled for two minutes if being fed to a child under two?

Fluoridation doesn’t do any bloody good for the health of teeth. In fact, it absorbs calcium, so it causes the teeth to become brittle.

Raw milk is best for people. It used to be pasteurized milk was illegal. The reason was because if the milk you’re farm produced was so dirty you needed to boil it, then it ought not to be consumed by humans.

Children’s Diseases And Accidents: Vaccinations also don’t do any bloody good. If you look into recent epidemics of these diseases among certain groups of children, you’ll find they tend to occur in children who’ve been vaccinated.

Also, way to go, authors. Don’t mention natural cures for childhood diseases or anything.

Elimination And Other Early Habits: Babies can control their bladder and bowels from birth. Elimination communication should be practised by parents. Watch for signs that the baby needs to eliminate, such as facial expressions, stopping play or unexplained fussiness. Then, hold the baby over the toilet, make a ssss sound, and allow the infant to relieve themselves that way.

Alternatively, timing can be used. Offer the baby the toilet at times of day when you notice they tend to relieve themselves.

Helpful Discipline: Children should be praised for things they have no control over, such as nice-looking hair or beautiful eyes. People like to receive compliments.

Though a lot of what children do that is labeled “Misbehaving” is simply done out of curiosity, disinterest or trying to understand their world, children do defy their parents sometimes for the sake of being bad.

Spanking is a useful method of punishment and is prescribed by the Bible. Spankings should be administered on the butt and never out of anger. Spanking should be one of several methods of discipline in a parent’s arsenal. Spanking can be done at any age.

As I always say, remember to pray for your children daily because Satan wants to get them in his clutches. Remember also that you can’t properly raise children without Jesus Christ.

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