Friday, October 14, 2011


The Sign: Though Ace Of Bass sucks, they have a special place in my heart. The songs are just so cheesy I can't help but pause whenever I am flipping through the stations on the radio and come across either "The Sign", "All That She Wants" or "Don't Turn Around."

I entered Grade 6 in September 1994. My friend Amanda mentioned "Ace Of Bass" and "The Sign" which up till today I always thought was entitled "I Saw The Sign." Prior to entering Grade 6, I had never heard of this band.

Amanda's dad was in Owen Sound for the first few days of that schoolyear for some reason.

I saw the sign, right before I crashed my car into it.

I remember an episode of "Full House" where Stephanie and her friends formed a band and were rehearsing this song. That was in the last season of the show. "Full House" was the first of my favourite childhood sitcoms to go off the air. (By "childhood sitcoms", I mean comedies I used to watch as a child, not sitcoms that were necissarily suited for children.)

I Swear: I attended my first dance in November of 1994. I was not very sociable as a child and was nervous about it. I didn't even want to go, but my mom and Miss Maguire made me, which I see in retrospect was a good thing. Mom gave me a looney to pay for admission, but when I checked my bookbag at lunch to make sure the one-dollar coin was there, it was gone. I was secretly relieved. I saw my babysitter, Carina, in the hall later and said I was planning to go to the dance but couldn't because my looney was "stolen." (Actually, whether it was stolen was never confirmed.) Carina gave me a dollar right bucking there. This is especially generous when you consider that she lived on social assistance and couldn't even afford a wide variety of food.

I went to the dance and one of the songs they played was "I Swear", which I had not heard until then, but subsequently heard on OJ.

After a while, Dad came and picked me up and drove me to the shop. I called Mom from there and told her "I danced with Amanda but only as a friend."

I bucking tell you this song is older than "The Billboard Book Of Number One Hits" says it is. I heard it on "Finkleman's 45s" on CBC around the time of the above mentioned dance. I mentioned this to Miss Maguire at the time and she said "Well you wouldn't know about it because you listen to old stuff." Ah, she thought she was such hot stuff.

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