Friday, September 16, 2011


In the Discovery section of the July-August issue of Canadian Geographic, there is an item about natural burial, internment "without the chemicals used in imbalming." Either way, the worms are gonna get you.

In the April-June Encounter With God daily devotional, there is an article about St. Augustine's "Confessions." The writer of the article finds it remarkable that, before he was converted, Augustine prayed to God expecting that God would grant Augustine what he asked. This isn't really remarkable; lots of people who aren't Christians pray. There attitude is, "Say the right words and God will give you what you want."

Another article in the same issue talks about a program Scripture Union Canada is launching to help people learn the Bible. The author laments the fact that so few Canadians know very much about the Bible. Well, this is partly the fault of churches like the Anglican church, the church SU Canada and the Encounter With God devotional are associated with. For years, the priest's sermons have in large part consisted of happy stories and no deeper message than, "Be nice to people."

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