Sunday, September 11, 2011


Due to recent searches on this blog related to CHEX-tv, I have decided to write another annual post concerning the changes to CKWS and CHEX's lineups.

Not too much to report this year.

Both stations appear to have some home makeover shows now on in the mornings. CHEX continues to show Rod Hembrey in the morning and both stations continue to broadcast "Life Today" with James Robison, which is good from a Christian perspective.

Replacing Oprah at 1:00 are reruns of "Dragon's Den", yet more CBC programming. At 3:00, it's a double shot of "Best Recipes Ever." At 4:00, both stations would appear to be showing reruns of "Little Mosk On The Prairie" for an hour.

As per recently inquired about, CHEX does indeed have a 5:00 newscast, though not having TV I don't know any more details. CKWS continues to air "The Insider" at the same time.

At 7:00, both stations broadcast reruns of "Rebah", followed by "Jeopardy."

CHEX has a fair amount of Christian programming on overnight.

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