Friday, August 26, 2011


It's amazing!
This week marks one year since JP Copeland and I made the commitment to come out and play music on Sunday afternoons at The Amazing Coffee in Madoc. We had simple criteria: acoustic music and and a venue open to anyone who could play an instrument and/or sing. Many, many thanks to Tony Long (proprietor of The Amazing Coffee) for his continuing support and the welcome he extends to all of us every week.
Well, the jam has come a long way since those first few sessions at the end of last summer. People have turned up from all over to join with us and play tunes of all types. Some have found it close to their musical home and make it a regular part of their week. Others drop by and visit every now and then when the mood is on them or when they are passing through.
We've had guitars (of course), and harmonicas, and mandolins, and fiddles, and banjos (naturally), and a wonderful accordian player (hey Jess, please come back again...), and penny whistles, and flutes, and bass guitars (acoustic), and a saxophone (hot sax at the Madoc jam!). We've had piano players who can make the old upright that Tony keeps over in the corner sound really good! We've had a snare drummer who played with brushes so soft he didn't deafen all the rest of us!!
We've had vocalists who accompany themselves on an instrument and others who go it alone and sing wonderful rich a cappella songs. We've sung songs written by people we've never met and some fabulous new ones written by the person sitting right beside us. (Yeah Patty, you really rock!) And we have all enjoyed the barristas sense of timing as they learned to fit the sounds of the (rather noisy) espresso machine and the coffee grinders in with the music that we were playing.
We've played again with people with whom we've played before and we've all met new and delightful musicians. We've heard rumours of others who "really do intend to make it out some time..." And every week there is something new and exciting to enjoy today and whet our appetites for more to come.
So, to mark our 1st Anniversary -- 12 months of truly Amazing Music -- we will be playing and singing again (and having one heck of a good time) this Sunday afternoon at 'The Amazing Coffee' in Madoc. 'The Coffee' is on the corner of Russel St. and Prince Albert just a couple of blocks south of Hwy 7. Highway 62 (Russel St.) runs right past the door!
Bring your instruments, your voices and your songs and join us for more amazing music at our weekly acoustic jam in
Bring your instruments, your voices and your songs and join us for more amazing music at our weekly acoustic jam in
Madoc. We'll be starting up the tunes around 2 in the afternoon and running until 4 pm or after.
Thanks to everyone who comes out to join in -- playing music together --"bringing it all back home". Welcome new faces, familiar ones and small faces too. And welcome to all the people whose pleasure it is to stop by 'the Coffee' on Sunday afternoons and listen to the music while they sip their coffees, enjoy their sandwiches and pastries, use the high-speed internet...
You just never know who will be there to share a tune or two, or several...
So come on out this Sunday aft and "get yer lovin' spoonful". Help us make just a spoonful of Amazing Coffee worth 2 or 3 cups of that other stuff from up the road.
See you Sunday!
James Reid

Visit Amazing Coffee's website by clicking the link above.

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