Friday, August 26, 2011


The editorial of the August 1-8 issue of Maclean's is entitled "The Future Looks Relaxed." It talks about a new Statscan report that says we are feeling less stressed, spending more time with our children and getting lots of sleep. Oh come on! That doesn't fit with the lifestyles of most of the people I know of varying ages.

In the Bad News section of the same issue (how do they determine what is Good News and what is Bad News?), there is an item about how most business students want to get a job in the civil service as opposed to starting their own business. Well no wonder! Between the high cost of starting a business in Canada, the economic crisis and government regulations, it's no surprise these kids want cushy government jobs.

There is an article in the same issue that talks about people who hate long weekends. I have to admit, as a single man, they can get right boring at times.

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