Saturday, August 13, 2011


The July issue of Readers Digest has an article about online dating scams.

This is a case of people who I'm supposed to feel sorry for but don't. A lot of these people will ask for money after just a couple weeks or months of knowing you. If you'd only known someone in person for just a few months, would you ask them for a huge sum of money? Many of the people who've been scammed probably haven't even talked to the person over the phone.

Check out the Open Kitchen section in the same issue. The recipes are so good I wanted to eat the food right then and there, and there is interesting information about wild food and other culinary things.

In the RD Living section, there is an item about wallets that do things like buzz or get harder to open the more money you spend. It is a sad world when people need things like this to help curb their spending habits.

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