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AUGUTS 20, 7 p.m. Thomasburg Hall – Goto Izumi, Echorev, Fire Flower Revue, Matt Snell
Musical notes from Peter Snell and the Choking Hazard Orchestra
(Edited and approved by Pedro Hazard)
Goto Izumi’s August 2011 tour starts in Hamburg, then moves to Berlin, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Barcelona, Madrid, and Copenhagen. She then flies out to Canada and on the 18thand 19thof August, she’s in Montreal, then Peterborough, Toronto, New York and back to Copenhagen. Oh, I forgot one venue: Thomasburg! That’s just before the Peterborough gig.
She’s billing her tour as “Japanese Gipsy Cabaret.” No, that’s not a spelling error.
She visited Europe in 2010. Check this site out for snippets of her show and reactions of some Europeans:
Izumi lives in, “like, a slightly odd world” to quote one observer. Slightly? On August 20, we’ll catch a piece of it – live! – and see how odd it can be.
Here’s one of her posters (note that we’re listed as simply “Canada”):
I know the least about Fire Flower Revue, but their web presence bodes well. They’ve got an electric style that should both complement and contrast with Izumi.
You can see the influence of old-timey music in Matt Snell’soriginal pieces. Listen closely: the clever lyrics speed by quickly.
Then there’s, Echorev. They’re based in Los Angeles, but are rehearsing and recording in Toronto in August. Johnny Nicholson, the lead singer is my cousin (the son of my direct cousin, if you want to be precise). With him will be German experimental drummer, Jörn Bielfeldt and bass player Ann Driscoll. Check out their latest video at: It’s impressive, and produced (with others) by Johnny’s brother, Bobby who is an L.A. videographer.
We may belicensed! I’m in the process of getting a temporary liquor permit. So we can hopefully legitimately quaff a few while we enjoy the music. Grab your tickets at the Food Company or at the Quinte Arts Council. I’m pushing to get a sellout crowd for this one – and a sold out house is only 80 tickets!
We’ll also dress up the old hall so you won’t recognize it. As well as our Tiny Perfect Stage and its twinkling lights, we’ve got lots of fun visual stuff to keep you interested. See you there!
Other stuff you might be interested in:
Amazing Coffee (
Highway 62 (Russell St.) and Prince Albert Street in Madoc
Jayme Stone, a banjo player isperforming on Wednesday August 3 at 7 p.m. From Africa to the Appalachians, Jayme has been there soaking up diverse musical genres. Check out the amazing coffee website for a bio of the guy or Jayme’s own website:
While you’re at the Amazing Coffee site, click through to their upcoming artists’ events site and you’ll get a bio of upcoming artists: Michael Pickett, Joey Wright and Jenny Whitely will be coming in the fall.
There’s also a jam every Sunday between 2 an 4 p.m.
Matt Snell has a half-hour themed radio show on Trent Radio at 9 p.m. on Tuesdays, out of Peterborough. Got to trentradio.caand click on “stream.” While you’re there, check out other shows that may interest you.
Driftwood Theatre ( is coming to central Ontario this summer with the Scottish Play (okay, okay, it’s Macbeth). They do a good job, in mostly outdoor locations, so it’s blanket and deck-chair for these venues. Here’s their agenda:
July 30: Memorial Park, Marmora
July 31: Peterborough Museum, Peterborough
2: Centennial Park, City of Quinte West.
3: Centre Hastings Park, Madoc
4: City Park, Kingston
5: The Millpond, Bloomfield
6: Zwick's Park, Belleville
7: Victoria Park, Cobourg
Tickets are a suggested $15 each.  See the website for ticket and production details for dates farther afield.
Tweed events: See the Tweed and Area Community Development Committee’s listings for stuff to do in Tweed and area:
Tweed & Area Arts Council
The arts council has a few events in August, including “Art in the Park” on August 13 and 14 that they organize with the local Kiwanis. Check out the council websitefor more information.
Tweedsmuir Tavern (
211 Victoria St. N
Valdi is coming to Tweed on Sunday, September 4 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20 each.
Scott Pettigrew (Tweed’s Mr. Music!) leads a jam every Saturday between 3 and 5 p.m.
Westben Arts Theatre Festival(
Three kilometres north of Campbellford, Ontario
There are a number of interesting early August events here, including Thunder Bay balladeer Rodney Brown (guitar and banjo) along with fiddlers and others on July 31, the Swingle Singers on August 4 (!), Tango Boreal on August 5, the Dave Young Jazz Quartet August 6 and a finale fundraiser with Donna Bennett and the Brian Barlow Big Band on August 7. Tickets range from the high $30s to over $60 for the fundraiser.
We’re starting modestly, but if you have a live show – or anything musical or theatrical that you want to get out there, we can add it to our monthly (or thereabouts) emails. We prefer local stuff; Meatloaf came to Belleville recently and Elvis is in Tweed (both great events for sure) but you can find that easily. Tougher to find are the smaller acts, which can give a better bang for the buck and support local and not-so-local artists as well. Tell us what’s happening out there!
Last but not least. Looking for musicians:
The Choking Hazard Orchestra (that’s where this email comes from) is looking for musicians. We (or let’s be more accurate, “I, Peter Snell”) want to get together a toy orchestra. Huh? Well, read on.
Timelines: the Fall, 2011.
Time commitments:probably every other week, plus of course everyone’s practice time on their own. We won’t be in a rush to perform publicly.
Skills:There’s no necessity to read music or have facility on a toy (or other) instrument. A bit of musical savvy would be nice. Lots of imagination. A sense of humour. A willingness to work hard to make your instrument sound way better than “good” even if it’s a tin kazoo. An ability to cooperate with a disparate bunch of musicians.
Resources:The possession or the bucks to buy a toy instrument. The instruments must function reasonably. Toy instruments cost anywhere from two or three dollars to a couple of hundred. Also the time and or resources to make an instrument if needed.
Objective:to produce fun music, but also to surprise – to make interesting music, with toy, homemade or otherwise unusual instruments. We’ll stretch the “toy” definition at times to incorporate other instruments, but basically we will make a lot of music with plastic, wood, metal. Leave your Stradivarius at home. Or not; if you have one, it’s a nice toy, for sure.
The ultimate objective will be to perform. It’s got to be whacky and fun, but I’m interested in folks who will work hard to make this into a presentable “orchestra” and to surprise listeners with the depth one can reach with toys and found instruments.
Where:Well, I’m based in Thomasburg, Ontario. Rehearsals could happen here, or in Tweed or in Belleville. Or, if it was convenient, we might shift rehearsal venues to make it easier for all. If you’re from farther afield, you’re very welcome, but you should be prepared to travel to the areas mentioned above.

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