Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hey, so I was bored at school as per usual searching on ABC's city self-employed spotlight early last wednesday and then read all about this brand new self-employed career that lets senior citizens earn around $2100 every 5 days and I didn't really know if i should believe it at the beginning yet for some reason we really had to try something & thankfully I did since I somehow made $419.30 my very 2nd full day. It is completely not hard I've already gotten paid once straight into my checking account... its the most amazing thing that's happened to us all year.
Here is the link MSNBC Trys Out The Hottest Home Based Careers rm4I really think almost everyone that has access to a computer should try to do the job so thats why I'm sending this to all our friends & family. I'd like you to signup and earn lots of profit yourself.. also share this e-mail with everyone you know who needs more money so we can all defeat the economic nightmare.

So, you were bored at school (in the summer) and you were reading an article of interest to senior citizens?

Also, you say you learned about this on ABC, and then later you point me to an article on MSNBC's website?

You're sending this to all your friends and family? I've never heard of you in my life.

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