Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LUKE 22 AND 23

Luke 22 35-38: In this passage, Jesus gives us the right to bear arms.

"and they said Lord behold here two swords and he said unto them it is enough"

The twelve (now eleven) disciples had two swords among them. This signifies that Christians should be ready to defend one another.

Luke 23 13-25: This passage is a perfect example of democracy in action. Only a few days earlier, the people had wanted to make Jesus king.

Luke 23 43: "and Jesus said unto him verily I say unto thee today shalt thou be with me in paradise"

This verse indicates that Jesus went to Heaven when he died. Yet, He would have also have had to spend some part of the three days He was dead in Hell in order to pay for our sins. 1 Peter says He also "preached to the spirits which were in prison."

In the "Encounter With God" daily devotional which I am using as an outline to write about these passages, the author asks if I pray for terrorists when I hear they've detonated a car bomb or hijacked a plane. I pray for them, but not in the way the author probably wants me to. We need to remember that, while we have forgiveness through the blood of the Lamb, God is still a just god.

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