Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Musical notes from Peter Snell and the Choking Hazard Orchestra
(edited and approved by Pedro Hazard, conductor of CHO)
Just a quick note to everyone to say that our August 20 event at the Thomasburg Hall was a smashing success. Goto Izumi performed her strange and wonderful pieces with great energy, serenity and humour. Matt Snell opened with his original eccentric tunes and built up the anticipation, again with lots of humour. His “Dance Can Dance” was a certain crowd pleaser; we’ll definitely invite both him and his can back.
Izumi's music was a strange mix of Japanese folk music, vaudeville and show tunes. Definitely an “alternative” style. I caught her show the next evening in Peterborough. It was completely different. The audience there was much more sparse, but she put the same energy into her show.
Talking about crowds – we sold out! The people of Tweed, Thomasburg, Belleville, Stirling, Madoc and further afield definitely took to Izumi’s music. We promise to be back with more acts both local and not-so local. Our mandate is to range widely in genres and to bring something slightly (or not-so-slightly) different to the area. I think we did that with Izumi, Matt and the Fire Flower Revue.
We courted disaster for a while, as Izumi’s entourage ran into problems coming from Montreal. Okay, I admit it: Matt and I sweated for a bit. But it all ended very happily (and I hope everyone took advantage of our free drink offer). Matt, Izumi and the Fire Flower Revue wrapped up their short Canadian leg of Izumi’s tour on August 22 at the Smiling Buddha in Toronto. She’s on to New York now.
Thanks to all who turned up. I hope you all felt that nice warm feeling of being at the right place on August 20. I certainly enjoyed seeing both new and old faces. As this is not a money-making adventure, it couldn’t have been done without support from businesses like the Food Company and from friends willing to help heave equipment and clean up etc. May we do it many times more!
And the Choking Hazard Orchestra? Well, watch out for our amazing Most Photographed Piano in the World project, coming to you in September. It’s all a big secret now, but we’ll let the piano and the cat out of the bag in September.
Then we’ll start planning for out next event at the Thomasburg Hall.
I’ll send out a “Coming events” list later in September. Until then, as the summer fades, I hope everyone plays on, musically and in every other sense you can imagine.
– Peter

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