Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Baby Come Back: A clip of this song was used on The Simpsons when Homer called a missing baby hotline.

Stayin Alive: This is one of my favourite songs!

"Stayin Alive" was also the first song I played on the radio. At Loyalist College where I went for Radio Broadcasting, they had a closed circuit station known as CBLC the first year students practiced on. My first semester, the format was oldies. We got to select which songs from the playlist we would play, and for my first song I chose "Stayin Alive."

Love Is Thicker Than Water: I'm sure the huge success the BGs were having with "Saturday Night Fever" had nothing to do with brother Andy's monumental success.

Night Fever: Let's not forget the gang at the Children's Television Workshop did their own version of "Saturday Night Fever" entitled "Sesame Street Fever." That is definitely a strong memory from childhood.

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late: Johnny Mathis makes my skin crawl. Buck you, you bucking faggot.

Kiss You All Over: Whenever this song is mentioned, I think of Happy Gilmore singing it over the intercom.

Hot Child In The City: This song makes me think of Belleville radio station CJOJ changing formats from OJ 95.5 to Classic Hits 95.5. I had returned home for a weekend from the Transitional Training Centre in Hamilton (possibly more about that when we get to 2002.) Mom had told me about the format change over the phone and "Hot Child In The City" was the first song I heard when I got in her car.

I Needed You: Though "I Needed You" was Anne Murray's biggest hit, I will always remember her most for her seminal children's album "Hippo In The Bathtub."

Macarthur Park: I've never heard Donna Summer's cover of this song. I can't even imagine how horrible it would be.

You Don't Bring Me Flowers: Double Exposure did a parody of this song about two politicians whose names escape me at the moment. The only line from the song I can remember is "You're Not Planting Tulips Anymore."

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