Wednesday, July 27, 2011


"V-A... C-A... T-I-O-N; We're gonna have a ball!"
That was a line from a hit song by Connie Francis one summer back around 1959 or 60. I remember hearing it over and over that summer on the car radio while my family and I were camping around the New England states.
Seemed a good way to introduce the news that many of us 'regulars' at the Sunday afternoon jam at 'Amazing Coffee' will be taking a brief vacation from the jam this week in order to visit Blue Skies music festival over near Sharbot Lake. When we looked around to see who among us would still be available to host the regular jam in Madoc there was just no-one willing to make that commitment, so we decided it was best to declare this Sunday a holiday.
Be assured the Madoc jam will be running again as usual the following Sunday (August 7).
In the meantime, for any of you who just can't stand to miss out on the music, a drive (east) down the Highway #7 to Road #509 (just about 1 km west of Sharbot Lake) then north to Clarendon (and follow the signs) will bring you to Blue Skies music festival. There are usually a few day passes for sale at the gate on the Saturday and Sunday morning (I think the cost is $30 per pass), but they sell out fairly early. The best recommendation for any keeners who want to come and visit this amazing long-running musical gathering (the festival started in 1973) is to be at the gate first thing in the morning when it opens at 8 o'clock. If you do decide to make the trip, please be sure to bring your instrument with you because we will (for sure) be making lots and lots and lots of music up there: at our campsite (if you ask around, you should be able to find me) and all over, just about everywhere at the festival. The on-stage programs and the workshops are pretty remarkable too.
A couple of things to be aware of: Blue Skies is a musicfestival. It is a community, and very much a family inclusive event. Even though it was started by long-haired freaky people way back in the mists of the 1970's (and some of us even rememberthe 60's) Blue Skies is NOT a place to go to consume alcohol or use drugs. Be warned, people with day passes are NOT allowed to bring alcohol on site.
We'll be playing and singing again at the Amazing Coffee in Madoc on Sunday, August 7. I do look forward to see you then.
James Reid

Visit Amazing Coffee's website by clicking the link above.

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