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By Frank Minirth et al. Grand Rapids, Mi: Baker Bookhouse, 1992.

What Is Abnormal?: You know it when you see it.

The authors say that incidents of people with mental illness haven’t increased. I’ll give them that one because this was written in 1992. However, these days’ people are getting crazier and crazier all the time.

There has always been stress in life. Stress is necessary. If you touched something hot and didn’t burn yourself, you wouldn’t know to run your hand under cool water. When you went out in the cold in your speedo and flip flops and didn’t feel it, you’d freeze to death. However, it’s like a table. You can put something heavy on the table, and it can withstand the stress the heavy object produces. However, if you put heavier and heavier things on the table, it will eventually collapse. That’s how it is with people today. There is more and more pressure in society and people can’t take the stress.

What Causes Psychological Problems?: Demons do cause at least some psychological problems.

While the book of Deuteronomy makes it quite clear that the sins of the fathers are visited on the children, we should not blame a lot of psychological problems on a bad environment. The reason for many psychological problems is simply that the person is a sinner.

The Jim Jones incident was a CIA plot. Jones and his cult were murdered. Proof of this can be found in the Guyanese coroner’s report.

Depression And Extreme Moods: In all cases, either directly or indirectly, depression is caused or at least exacerbated by Satan and his demons. Satan loves to cause or exploit sadness and other negative emotions in our lives.

Rates of depression among women are higher because women are generally more easily led. When they see the commercials on TV for antidepressants, they are more likely to think they have depression.

Rich people are more subject to depression because they tend not to have as much to do as other people and thus have more time to dwell on things.

Depression during menstruation can be cured by smoking marijuana.

Antidepressants are horrible things. They have horrible short term side effects. Also, we don’t know nearly enough about the human brain to be able to determine what affects these drugs will have in the longer term.

Post-partum depression can be cured by eating the placenta.

Anxiety is a form of fear. Thus, it comes from Satan because we are told in 1 Timothy that fear is an evil spirit.

One key to preventing depression is to realize that we live in a fallen world. In a fallen world, parents aren’t going to be all they should be at times. Realize that other people will sin against you.

Problems with Stress And Adjustment: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a legitimate problem. People are likely going to be traumatized after an event such as an earthquake or plane crash. However, in our society today we are carrying this trauma thing way too far. Every slightly bad thing that happens to someone, particularly a child is analyzed as if it were on the level of an earthquake or plane crash. See the above paragraph about developing a thicker skin about things.

Hypnosis is wrong because it involves relinquishing control of your mind. When you do that, you open yourself up to satanic forces.

In cases of rape, the victim needs to forgive the rapist because that is the only way she will be set free from the trauma. However, she and a pastor or other strong Christian can take the man before the Heavenly courtroom and ask God to put the rapist to death in accordance to His law.

It is worth noting here that, according to God’s law, if a woman is getting raped and doesn’t scream for help, which I take to mean literally scream for help or at least do something to try to summon help or fight off her attacker; she deserves the death penalty, too. By not calling for help or trying to fight him off, the woman is saying it’s OK for the rapist to do what he did.

As far as memory healing is concerned, I don’t think it’s a good idea for the mother to ask the baby for forgiveness. This borders on communication with the dead, to my way of thinking. The woman should just rest in the sure knowledge that God has forgiven her.

For someone counselling a woman who has had an abortion, I wouldn’t recommend empathy. If you make it so you totally identify with the woman, you’ll be an emotional wreck and won’t be able to help her. Sympathize with the guilt and trauma the woman feels and the pressure she was very likely under, but know that, in the end, it was ultimately the woman’s choice to have the abortion, which she chose to undergo.

Anxiety Disorders: There is a difference between what we think of as “fear” and “concern.” We eat because we’re concerned that, if we don’t, we’ll die. We don’t stick our hands into a lit fireplace because we have a healthy fear, read respect for what fire can do.

John Watson is a bastard for making that boy afraid of the rat on purpose. He was a true snake or at least a twofold more son of Hell.

There is no doubt that multiple personality disorder comes from Satan. Even though the symptoms don’t entirely mimic demonic possession, demons would gladly conceal some of their traits to make someone think they weren’t there.

I have never heard of anything like the case Minirth describes.

Upon further research, I don't think all multiple personality disorder is caused by the devil, though at least some of it-if not more, is. I have come to believe, in fact, that some people with multiple personality disorder are actually quite sane because there are those who have deliberately developed multiple personalities to cope with trauma in their pasts.

Psychosis: I am convinced schizophrenia is frequently caused and/or exploited by demons due to the religious nature of the delusions many sufferers have and because of case histories of schizophrenics I have heard about.

Medication is not recommended. See above paragraph about how antidepressants aren’t recommended, although of course don't solely take my word for it. At this point I'd have to say medication may be helpful in some cases but I would advise anyone whose doctor wants to write them a prescription to research the particular drug being recommended and to consult a reputable alternative medical practitioner about whether there are any options that are more natural.

Physical Problems: Anorexia can be treated with zinc.http://www.integrativemedicineformentalhealth.com/articles/greenblatt_anorexia.html

Sexual Problems: Fetishes in and of themselves are not bad. They become a problem when they become the primary means of initiating sexual activity; for example, if a man can only get aroused by touching his wife’s shoes. Sex is about enjoying your partner, not primarily enjoying a nonsexual object.

Child and Adolescent Disorders: Most so-called cases of ADD are due to the following factors: lack of a place to play and burn off energy, learning differently, poor nutrition. The whole ADD phenomenon is also a plot to keep boys down. In a lot of cases of ADD, the children are just normal active kids.

Many learning disabilities are not actually disabilities. It is just that the child learns differently than other children. In a previous post, I talked about how the public school system is one size fits all learning.

Vaccines do cause autism. Yeah, the Wakefield study turned out to be fraudulent. Now they just have to disprove the other studies, the anecdotal evidence, the fact that most doctors won’t vaccinate their own children, and the fact that the Amish, who don’t get their kids inoculated don’t have cases of this condition.

Oppositional Defiance Disorder has got to be one of the most ridiculous psychological disorders I’ve ever heard of. Your kid’s just a little brat. In other cases, a boy is labeled as having ODD if he is suspicious of what authority figures, such as teachers tell him to do. A child such as the one I am describing will probably also ask a lot of questions. Hopefully, these “symptoms” are because parents have taught the boy to have a healthy suspicion of authority figures, since authority figures have been known to perpetrate so much evil in the name of “good intentions” or for people’s “safety and protection” in the past.

In many cases, bedwetting/encopresis are caused by the way we toilet train children in our society. We tell them it’s all right to go in their pants for the first two years of their lives, then we flip a switch and tell children they have to use the toilet. Things have gotten even worse with the advent of Pullups. Now we teach children that they should use the toilet, but here’s this diaper-like thing (it’s actually a diaper that just looks a little different) in case you have an accident, and if you can’t make it to the bathroom or it’s not convenient for me to take you, you can go in it like your diaper as well.

Now parents, let me ask you one question. Think hard. Do you really expect a two-year old to grasp the difference between a diaper and a Pullup?

For the above reasons, parents should practice elimination communication as much as it is possible with their babies.

Shyness may just be part of a child’s personality.

The bottom line is Satan wants your children. He will use things like worry and fear to enter them. Parents need to pray for their children constantly.

Personality Disorders: In this sin-sick world, we fallen humans don’t know how we should act. We need to put our faith in Jesus Christ because only he knows the proper way people should conduct themselves.

Demons were most likely involved in Jane’s case as evidenced by the incident of her cutting her back with a razor blade.

Sociopathic Disorder is definitely caused by demons.

Psychology is to blame in large part for our narcissistic culture. Don’t deny it. Psychologists and psychiatrists can tend to be arrogant egomaniacs think they are the only ones who know how you feel or what your reasons or intentions for doing things are. Notwithstanding, since first writing this post, I have had experience with a couple of psychologists who were genuinely helpful and even one who seemed pretty into asking the patient what they had already done to help themselves. I have also since learned that psychologists don't do the whole Freudian thing or the lie on the couch thing anymore.

Since 1992 when this book was written, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (
The Big Book of Crazy) has added a whole bunch more disorders, including a disorder that people have characterized by not wanting to see a psychiatrist because they don’t have psychological problems. Unless the American Psychological Association is stopped, they will soon have us all on their couches; a whole society crippled by all its imagined psychiatric disorders.

While threats of suicide should be taken seriously in many cases, a lot of people who threaten to take their own lives are just whiners looking for attention. If you called their bluff and got them a knife, they wouldn’t do it. Still others who may mention killing themselves are just blowing off steam or processing feelings related to inadequacies in their lives.

Healing and Preventing Problems: Realize you’re a nobody; then, in Christ, you’ll be a somebody.

Purchase this book here.http://www.abebooks.com/Bruised-Broken-Understanding-Healing-Psychological-Problems/15207624195/bd

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