Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The May issue of Readers Digest has an article about diseases that patients think are real but doctors don't believe exist. The article includes a section on Morgellon's disease. A dermatologist quoted in the article says all you can do is treat the patient's psychosis. Yeah, Doc, there are actual fibers growing out of the Morgellon's victim's skin but it's all in their head.

For a few years now, Maclean's magazine has been following the lives of Kristen and Tatiana Hogan, a pair of conjoined twins living in BC. The most recent update of the saga of their lives, found in the May 2 issue, tells how they've been signed to an agent, Chuck Harris, for a reality show. I'd like to believe this guy's got good intentions and is going to treat them right, but even if Harris is on the level, something tells me Kristen and Tatiana are going to end up being exploited by somebody.

The May 9 issue of Maclean's has an article by Rebecca Ecler about a stay she, her daughter and two of her daughter's friends had in the Eloise suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York. The little girls lived the lives of princesses for a whole weekend. Disgusting! Ecler's daughter is turning out like I thought she would.

The TV section of the same issue has an article about "The Looney Toons Show." To me, Bugs Bunny and those other Warner Brothers characters have always seemed of a different era. After the original cartoons were made, there was never really a Looney Toons production that really captured the spirit the producers were originally going for.

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