Friday, June 3, 2011


Introduction: The most incidious thing about the pretribulation rapture theory is it tells people what they want to hear.

The Antichrist: There are many sincere Catholics, but they can't serve God within the Catholic church. They have to come out of the Catholic church and trust in Christ alone.

The Evil Empire Of Jesuit Futurism: What makes you think guys like Lahay and Jenkins and Van Ippe and Hagey are sincere Christians? While it's true sincere Christians can say untrue things, the Bible also speaks about false prophets and false teachers whose purpose is to mislead people.

If these guys are sincere Christians, than they're getting farther away from Christ as opposed to growing in His grace and knowledge.

Jack Van Ippe started out years ago really giving it to the Catholic church. Then he said they were brothers and sisters in Christ. He said he had respect for things like psychics and Nostradomis in so far as they agreed with the Bible, then he made them equal with the Bible.

Hagey was preaching the Jews were God's chosen people, then he ended up preaching that Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah.

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